Here we provide a very specific and practical guide on how to get your dream job in the Data Science world

How to Get a Data Science Job
How to Get a Data Science Job
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The data needs of every industry have made Data Science one of the fastest growing fields out there, and any data science role has the potential to blossom into a high growth career. At the same time, Data Science is still a relatively new field, and the responsibilities, structure, and needs of any particular role can vary wildly across different industries and companies. There’s been a lot of interest in landing a job in Data Science in recent years. So how do you do it?

How do You get a Data Science Job?

Breaking into Data Science​

For those who are looking to start off their careers in Data Science, whether it…

Learn how to upload your data from a pandas dataframe to a database in the cloud.

Importing Pandas Dataframe to Database
Importing Pandas Dataframe to Database
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In this article, we’ll talk about how to upload your data from a pandas dataframe to a database in the cloud. This is a continuation of the article — Data analytics project ideas that will get you the job, where we talked about building the one and only data science project you need and where I introduced the infrastructure you can build for data science projects. The first part is to collect data from an API as your data source. I took you through how to do that in our previous blog — Working with Python APIs For data science…

Good communication with stakeholders is a skill that can help you survive in the company. Getting people to understand your data insights and getting them on board is a skill on its own. Learn how you can master this skill.

Communication with Stakeholders as a data scientist
Communication with Stakeholders as a data scientist
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You probably hear the word stakeholder quite often. Who are the stakeholders? If you work with data your main skill is simply being good with it. But surviving in the companies takes some other skills too. Getting people to understand your data insights and getting them on board is a skill on its own.

But how do you master that…

A list of real-life Noom interview questions that are asked for data scientist positions. We will go through the Noom interview questions in more detail and help you with the solutions.

Noom Interview Questions for Data Scientist Position
Noom Interview Questions for Data Scientist Position
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Working at Noom is becoming an important goal for many data scientists. This fitness and lifestyle app which uses psychology and computer science to “disrupt the weight loss industry” is growing at enormous speeds; in 2019, their revenue quadrupled to a staggering $237 million. Not bad for an app that just launched back in 2016. Currently, Noom has around 45 million subscribers worldwide.

With that in mind, we…

Big Tech companies are some of the largest data science companies for data science roles. Commonly referred to as “FAANG”, the top 5 largest information technology companies in the United States consist of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Data Science Companies
Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Data Science Companies
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The age of information of the 21st century has made an unprecedented amount of consumer information available, data that can be marketed in advertising or leveraged to improve a product. This is especially vital to large data science companies whose business models rely on taking advantage of the data they collect. Given that, it’s no surprise that the data science…

This is one of the hard data science SQL interview questions from Facebook and Microsoft that test your ability to find and segment users as well as join aggregated tables together. Let’s walk through solving this question as we do in the interview.

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Data science roles at Facebook and Microsoft are highly competitive and difficult to land. Writing SQL on the job will cover 100% of the problems you’re going to handle in practice. In this article, we’ll walk through solving the data science SQL interview question from Microsoft and Facebook. We’ll also give you some tips on how to approach the solution in such data science interviews.

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Data Science SQL Interview Question

New And Existing Users
Calculate the share of new and existing users. Output the month, share of new users, and share of existing users as a ratio.
New users are defined…

Want to know how to become a data scientist from scratch? This comprehensive guide will take you through every necessary step to become a successful data scientist.

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A Complete Career Guide on How to Become a Data Scientist

Data science has become the hottest career option for students. It’s become one of the fastest-growing career paths. In this high-tech world, every business and organization needs data scientists to leverage their data to the fullest extent. This provides ongoing opportunities for those who want to get hired into a data scientist role. …

Concepts every data scientist should know and use daily

Window functions in SQL allow us to access data in the records before or/and after the current record. In this blog, we will learn what these window functions are, different types of window functions, and data science interview questions asked by Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber.

What are Window Functions in SQL?

Window functions in SQL are a group of functions that performs calculations across a set of rows that are related to your current row. They are also considered as advanced SQL functions and are often asked in data science interviews. …

Are you confused whether you want to become a data analyst or a business analyst?

The difference between two careers as either a data analyst or business analyst is important to understand. There is often confusion about these two careers. When it comes to choosing a professional career related to data analysis, you may find yourself confused between a data analyst and a business analyst. If both roles relate to working with data then what is the difference between data analyst and business analyst?

Data Analyst vs Business Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for analyzing datasets to determine how to use data to make more informed decisions.

Online resources to help you prepare for your data science interviews

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Just a little bit about my journey! I’ve been in the field of data science for about 10 years. I’ve been a data scientist in various forms, such as in business analytics, growth analytics, marketing analytics, and marketing science. These days though I’m more aligned to product, but I still interview data scientists regularly.

Over the years, I’ve compiled 4 online resources that have always helped me prepare for my data science interviews. I’d like to share them with you.

Here’s the video in case you prefer to watch the content instead of reading.

Data Science Interview Tips

First, let’s get an understanding of the data science interview format.

Format of a Data Science Interview

The first thing and one of the data science interview tips is to understand the different types of topics that…

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