The ultimate guide to important concepts and tips that you can apply to ace your probability and statistics data science interview questions

Probability and Statistics Interview Questions and Answers

Everybody knows the journey to get a data science job nowadays is tougher than ever. The immense growing popularity of data science means that we have more competition to fight for that one job. Hence, it is crucial to rightfully prepare the right things every time we get an interview.

Using Pandas for Python Data Science Interview Questions

Python Pandas Interview Questions for Data Science

In the previous article, Python Pandas Interview Questions for Data Science Part 1, we looked a how to get data into Pandas and perform basic calculations like

  • Sorting DataFrames
  • Handling Duplicates
  • Aggregations
  • Merging DataFrames
  • Calculated Fields

In this part, we will build on that knowledge and use it to solve…

Explaining what data scientists and data engineers have in common — and what they don’t.

Data Engineer vs Data Scientist

If the data scientist and data engineer’s similarities and differences haven’t been clear to you, you’re at the right place. We are about to mend this.

This ‘Data Engineer vs Data Scientist’ article is here to help you understand both job positions and choose the one that’s right for you…

Data Science product questions are known to be difficult questions in data science interviews, since these questions do not have a fixed solution. These product interview questions can become easier by practicing and understanding the framework!

Data Science Product Interview Questions

Data Science product questions can be split into 3 categories:

1. Analyzing a metric…

What is Collinearity? How does it affect our model? How can we handle it?

A Beginners Guide to Collinearity

When we are building a regression model, we obviously want to model the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. However, more often than not, we might encounter a situation where the fitted coefficient of each independent variable ‘doesn’t make sense’ and we can’t explain why…

Framework to Solving Product Sense Interview Questions for Data Science

The Ultimate Guide to Product Data Science Interview Questions

How to Prepare for Product Sense Interview Questions before Entering the Data Science Interview

When going to a technical interview, most companies will ask product questions based on current/potential complications involving or related to their product. This could range from to some degree a straightforward question about their product to broad questions on how much you understand the product.

For example, Quora asked, “What…

Are you wondering what SQL interview questions you will be asked? This ultimate guide will take you through the top SQL interview questions for various data positions and the tips to approach your next SQL interview.

SQL Interview Questions

SQL is a must have tool in the arsenal of any aspiring data scientist. In this article we provide an outline to learn, prepare and ace your next SQL Interview for a Data Science role. We will explore why SQL is so widely used, then provide you a breakdown of…

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